Looking for a Cat Groomer?

By Darcie Mumley

We separated the cat groomer and dog groomer search requirements because we

 Cat Groomer

Is your cat this relaxed with your cat groomer?

feel that the best option for your dog is not necessarily the best place for your cat. However, you might have a fantastic dog groomer who is wonderful with cats and has a setup that is safe for cats.

Cat grooming is notoriously expensive, and it should be. One bad scratch or bite from a cat could land someone in the hospital, and this sort of mishap could take weeks out of a groomer’s schedule. Remember, if a groomer can’t groom then s/he can’t make a living, so the expense is often seen as liability insurance. Some experienced groomers, who might even love cats, still refuse to groom cats for this reason.

Regardless of the sheer adrenaline of grooming cats, there are some groomers who prefer to groom them. These groomers are extremely valuable. There are cat specific safety precautions that must be used when grooming cats (Examples included blade size and safety and how to comb properly.) An experience groomer will know the limitations of cat grooming and ensure that your cat is safe.  Safety for the animal and the groomer should always be the biggest concern when grooming cats.

Understand your Cat Groomer’s limitations

Most cats have a small window of time in which they will tolerate being groomed, so don’t be surprised if your groomer only gets to half of your cat and you need to go back for the rest. You should be weary of a groomer who promises a finished cat groom. You don’t want someone who is going force an unwilling cat. However, there are things to look for in a cat salon that may make this process easier on everyone.

Look for a groomer that only groom cats or has a separate room for cats. Most kitties do not like being around a lot of dogs when they are stressed–the quieter the better. We recommend a cat only vet clinic that Cat Groomeralso offers grooming, if available, because cats have very thin, fragile skin. If they are having mats shaved this can cause a lot of skin irritation, so it’s nice to know a vet is there to overlook the whole process.

A mobile groomer is also a great option for cats. You can bypass the whole car ride to and from the groomer, which we all know cats don’t love! Mobile groomers might even give you a discount if you have other animals that need grooming. The price is usually a little more expensive than taking your animal somewhere, but it’s worth the extra money for the service they provide.

Whether or not you bring you bring your cat in for regular brush outs or a shave down once a year, make sure your groomer is experienced in the mysterious and amazing ways of the domestic cat. Your cat will not only look better, but she will thank you for making this chore as painless as possible—at least more so than a trip to the Vet. On a related note, Hairball for Cats is also a great product for supporting optimal skin and hair health.