Meet Your Account Representative, Will Deming

By Ashley Watson
Will (purple shirt) and coworkers showing off our new t-shirts!

Will (purple shirt) and coworkers showing off our new t-shirts!

Because we love our employees, and know that our customers talk to them often, we wanted to let you get to know your account representatives. This week, we introduce Will Deming, who has been with us for a little over a year. Read on to hear why Will loves working at Pet Naturals® of Vermont and what he likes to do outside of work.


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Woman’s Best Friend

Guest Post by Noe Bunnell

On-the-beachIt’s been almost 8 years to the day since I adopted a scruffy, 23lb terrier mix from the Hawaiian Humane Society. They told me she had a history of showing up at the shelter at least once or twice a year for her entire (4-year) life. At the time I had hardly any experience with dogs, and I thought her trembling and whining when we walked away from her cage, and super lovey, cuddly behavior were just charming. Now I know those are typical manifestations of a dog with anxiety problems, and lo and behold, my difficult life with Ramona had begun.

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Video Blog: Hip + Joint by Pet Naturals® of Vermont

A few weeks ago, we published a video blog post about our Calming products. Because there’s added stress for pets during the summer, we thought it would be the perfect time to feature this product. But warmer weather also means more exercise and playtime outside for pets, which is why we are posting a video on our Hip + Joint products for dogs and cats! In this short video, learn about the ingredients in our Hip + Joint chews and chewable tablets and how they can benefit your pet this summer.

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If It’s Not Yours, Then Whose Is It?

By Ariel Arnette

Editor’s note: Recently, Pet Naturals® of Vermont asked employees of the pet retailers who carry our products to submit a blog post about various pet topics. We picked three submissions from that round, and this month we will publish guest posts by the winners. Ariel Arnette has worked at the Sanford, Maine Pet Life store for six years, and this week, she shares an entertaining pet story that happened at her store. Read more about Ariel in the bio at the end of the story. Stay tuned for more guest posts this month!

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What to Do in a Medical Emergency for Pets

By Ashley Watson

Cat-surgeryAfter a recent experience with a friend’s cat who was seriously injured in a dog attack, I realized how important it is to know what to do in a medical emergency for pets. Because these happen so suddenly, reacting quickly and calmly is a key part of helping your pet when there’s been an accident. This week’s post is taken from information on VCA Animal Hospitals, and it includes some basic tips and guidelines to follow when your pet has been injured in an accident. These will help preserve life, reduce pain, and minimize risk of permanent damage.

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Pet Naturals® of Vermont Features YouTube Video on Calming

By Ashley Watson

Last week, I talked about my experience with giving Calming by Pet Naturals® of Vermont to my cat. This week, we would like to follow up with our video on Calming. It explains further how stress can disrupt certain neurotransmitters in the brain and how the ingredients in Calming are designed to help balance those chemicals when animals are stressed. Have you tried Calming on your pet? Share your feedback with us on Facebook.

Employee Product Review: Calming chews by Pet Naturals® of Vermont

By Ashley Watson

Calming-GroupSummer is just around the corner, which means added stress for pets. No, we aren’t talking about the same kind of stress that humans have. Luckily, pets don’t have jobs or relationships or finances to worry about, but both cats and dogs experience other types of stress, especially in the summer. Vacation travel, thunderstorms, and 4th of July fireworks can create anxiety and bad behavior, such excessive shedding or barking, scratching furniture, going outside the litter box, or other destructive behavior.

To help with this, I recommend that you keep plenty of Calming on hand this summer. Not familiar with Calming? Calming is designed to support calm, balanced behavior, without causing drowsiness or changing your pet’s personality. It is not a drug, and it doesn’t contain herbs. It can be used daily or as needed during stressful situations.

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Breed Breakdown: Golden Retrievers

By Sara Phillips,
Strategic Brand Manager at Pet Naturals® of Vermont


Loyal, smart, kind, easy-going. These words are all commonly heard in association with golden retrievers. However, sometimes the road to this end is considerably bumpy.

We have two Goldens. Our eight-year-old male, Hinckley, came from a local, reputable family breeder, who owns both parents and limited the female to just two litters. Hinckley comes from champion field trialing and hunting stock, and he is an amazing athlete, highly intelligent, and one of the best dogs we’ve owned. But if you’re the Doberman who lives down the street, then it’s game on (more on that later).

Luna (pictured above) is 20 months old, and she’s a rescue pup who came to us after some friends rescued Luna and her mom from a gross puppy mill. She is sweet, cute, and the stupidest dog you’ve ever met.

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5 Natural Ways To Welcome Pets Into Your Home While Keeping Pet Odors Out

By Amanda Austin,
Guest Blogger for Venta Airwasher*

Man-with-dogWe love our pets, but we don’t’ love the smells! If you want your house smelling less like dog, follow these five natural ways to welcome pets into your home while keeping pet odors out.

Quality Pet Food

Like humans, the food we feed our pets affects how we feel–put a cheeseburger in your mouth, and you might not feel so great the next day. High quality food can help your pet feel better on the inside and also smell better on the outside. Many commercial cat and dog foods contain high amounts of seeds and grains, which are inexpensive and filling for the animals, but not quite as easy to digest for pets. Choose a meat-based, low-grain, soy-free pet food for the best results. Keep in mind that cats and dogs have different dietary needs. Check with your vet about what type of food will provide the best nutrition for your specific pet.

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Parasitic Diseases Spreading Nationwide

Tick-in-vialMany pet parents think that fleas and ticks are just a problem in the spring and summer, so they typically take their pets to the vet for treatment during the warmer months. But according to the Companion Animal Parasite Council (CAPC), parasites are a year-round problem, which is why they are recommending that veterinarians provide treatment all year long. In addition, the CAPC is predicting a much wider expansion of parasitic diseases this summer, particularly in areas where these diseases are not commonly found. In this week’s blog post, Pet Naturals® of Vermont provides some prevention tips and useful information about parasites from the CAPC.

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Giving your Pets Supplements


Graphic Designer, Amber Webster’s pet family sharing her lap for their bedtime game, “Who will win mom’s attention?”
Left to right: Remus, Dora, Emma

In our last blog post, we talked about ways to support animal shelters. We support many shelters and animal rescue organizations by donating our supplements. In fact, we donated to All Breed Rescue Vermont and the Southern California Keeshond Rescue for the finale of our recent Bark Madness contest. We also believe in educating pet parents about animal wellness in general, as well as being a reliable source for education about our products.

While a lot of pet parents may already be aware of supplements for pets, there’s still some misinformation out there about the difference between supplements and treats, and why you should give your pet supplements in the first place. This week we will talk a little about the reasons to give pets supplements and the types of products we offer. Because like you, we love to show off our pets, we’re also featuring pictures of our own pet families!

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Ways To Support Animal Shelters

By Ashley Watson

Shelter-dogThis past week, we’ve had quite a bit of traffic on Facebook due to our Bark Madness contest. This March Madness style bracket features match ups between purebred dogs and some unique mixed breeds, such as the Horgi (Husky and Corgi mix). You still have until April 3rd to vote for your favorite dog on Facebook for your chance to win a Pet Naturals® t-shirt!

While there are many responsible breeders out there, Pet Naturals® of Vermont also strongly believes in and supports the efforts of organizations that work to save all dogs. That’s why we are donating our supplements to a local shelter and a purebred rescue organization to give rescue dogs a healthy and happy start in their new forever homes. This week’s blog post will take a look at some of these rescue organizations and ways you can help.

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Get Ready for Bark Madness!

By Sara Phillips
Strategic Brand Manager, Pet Naturals® of Vermont

Dog-BracketPet Naturals® is excited to introduce our Bark Madness Tournament and Facebook contest! Visit our Bark Madness Bracket, and vote for your favorite dog – March Madness style. Our bracket features pure and mixed breeds. Four rounds of breed match ups, culminating in the championship on April 3rd, where the winner of the pure breeds will face the winner of the mixed breeds for the title of Favorite Breed. Your votes will determine the winner of our Bark Madness Tournament!

Starting Monday, March 24th, visit our Facebook page to see the match ups of the day. Vote for a winner of each match up by commenting with your breed choice. Vote as often as you like on each match up. Be sure to share each post and get your friends in on the fun.

What are the Prizes?

What’s a tournament without prizes? We’ve got some great prizes planned! In honor of the winner of the pure breed bracket, Pet Naturals® will donate $100 in product to the rescue for that breed. In honor of the winner of the mixed breed bracket, Pet Naturals® will donate the same amount to one of our favorite local shelters here in Vermont.

There are prizes for you too! Each time you vote, you’ll be entered into a drawing to win a Pet Naturals® of Vermont t-shirt. We’ll draw 5 winners on Friday, April 4th, when we announce the champion, so be sure to vote! Voting closes at 6 pm EST each day.

Special note from Pet Naturals®

Whether you decide upon a mixed breed or a pure breed, we would like to emphasize that Pet Naturals® supports responsible pet ownership. Please consider taking a trip to your local shelter!

It’s time for Bark Madness!

Pet Naturals® of Vermont–Your Source for Pet Health Education

PHD_FacebookAt Pet Naturals® of Vermont, we are always looking for creative ways to educate pet owners about pet health and other important topics. Education is a key component in living up to our motto–Helping Pets Live Healthier Lives–whether it’s through blog writing, social media, or directly educating retailers about our products. The newly launched P.H.D. (Pet Health Degree) program educates retail associates on the features and benefits of Pet Naturals® supplements with short, entertaining and informational videos that cover each of our major categories. This week’s blog post will cover some of those benefits for pet parents looking for condition specific products to give their pets extra support.

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Breed Breakdown: Miniature Pinscher

By Amber Webster, Pet Naturals® Graphic Designer

Dora-sunningWhat has four legs, a tail, bat ears, a jellybean nose, beady eyes, and a high-pitched bark that could wake the heaviest of sleepers? If you guessed Miniature Pinscher, you’d be right. If you guessed rat, or Chihuahua, shame on you (just kidding). My husband and I adopted our now six-year-old Miniature Pinscher – or Min Pin – Dora, when we were nineteen. We had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into. Not only had we never had a puppy before; we were distinctly unprepared for the amount of work involved in raising a Min Pin. If you are considering getting a Miniature Pinscher, read this month’s Breed Breakdown!

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