Woman’s Best Friend

Guest Post by Noe Bunnell

On-the-beachIt’s been almost 8 years to the day since I adopted a scruffy, 23lb terrier mix from the Hawaiian Humane Society. They told me she had a history of showing up at the shelter at least once or twice a year for her entire (4-year) life. At the time I had hardly any experience with dogs, and I thought her trembling and whining when we walked away from her cage, and super lovey, cuddly behavior were just charming. Now I know those are typical manifestations of a dog with anxiety problems, and lo and behold, my difficult life with Ramona had begun.

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Video Blog: Hip + Joint by Pet Naturals® of Vermont

A few weeks ago, we published a video blog post about our Calming products. Because there’s added stress for pets during the summer, we thought it would be the perfect time to feature this product. But warmer weather also means more exercise and playtime outside for pets, which is why we are posting a video on our Hip + Joint products for dogs and cats! In this short video, learn about the ingredients in our Hip + Joint chews and chewable tablets and how they can benefit your pet this summer.

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If It’s Not Yours, Then Whose Is It?

By Ariel Arnette

Editor’s note: Recently, Pet Naturals® of Vermont asked employees of the pet retailers who carry our products to submit a blog post about various pet topics. We picked three submissions from that round, and this month we will publish guest posts by the winners. Ariel Arnette has worked at the Sanford, Maine Pet Life store for six years, and this week, she shares an entertaining pet story that happened at her store. Read more about Ariel in the bio at the end of the story. Stay tuned for more guest posts this month!

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What to Do in a Medical Emergency for Pets

By Ashley Watson

Cat-surgeryAfter a recent experience with a friend’s cat who was seriously injured in a dog attack, I realized how important it is to know what to do in a medical emergency for pets. Because these happen so suddenly, reacting quickly and calmly is a key part of helping your pet when there’s been an accident. This week’s post is taken from information on VCA Animal Hospitals, and it includes some basic tips and guidelines to follow when your pet has been injured in an accident. These will help preserve life, reduce pain, and minimize risk of permanent damage.

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Pet Naturals® of Vermont Features YouTube Video on Calming

By Ashley Watson

Last week, I talked about my experience with giving Calming by Pet Naturals® of Vermont to my cat. This week, we would like to follow up with our video on Calming. It explains further how stress can disrupt certain neurotransmitters in the brain and how the ingredients in Calming are designed to help balance those chemicals when animals are stressed. Have you tried Calming on your pet? Share your feedback with us on Facebook.